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OK, so I am trying to plan a vacation to WDW for the second week in January 2009 (off peak).  The people who will be going are: 4 adults (2-40 year olds and 2 senior citizens) and 1- 6 year old.  We will be staying 5-6 nights. I am getting stuck trying to figure out the most economical way to handle accomodations. 

Does anyone have advice/suggestions?

For example, is it better to get 2 lower priced rooms at a value resort or 1 cabin in the Wilderness area? Maybe it is cheaper to get a bigger space at a deluxe resort rather than 2 rooms at a value resort? (These are just some ideas I am using for examples - we are open to any/all suggestions.)

Currently, we are thinking of two rooms at either a value or moderate resort. (We would love to stay at the Animal Kingdom but do they have space for our party other than having to rent 2 rooms.) We are working with a travel agent, but she keeps pushing the two room idea - I want to see if there are any other options. (I would change travel agents but the people paying for the trip are die hard AAA ers ... However, if you are a travel agent and you help us out I will cheerfully promote you in my own LJ and all over my workplace intranet - the State of MN )

I truly appreciate ANY and ALL help/suggestions/feedback!! (This forum has already been so welcoming and helpful - You guys are amazing!! Thank you for "holding the hands" of us WDW newbies.)

If you want to email me instead of clogging up this LJ ... I can be reached at: (always nice to get emails other than spam in my inbox ...LOL)


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