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disneytravel's Journal

Disney Travel and More!
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The Disney Travel Community
Welcome to the Disney Travel Community, brought to you by the Main Street Travel Company. We are a full service online travel agency with a specialization in Disney Properties, Universal Studios, Carnival Cruise Line and Sandals Resorts and Spas. Not going to Disney? We can help with Travel all over the world

This is your one stop shop for your travel questions and to get help planning your vacation. When you book your trip through the Main Street Travel Company you can expect personalized attention from start to finish. We can book your flight, tickets, accomodations, dining, entertainment and more! Anyone booking a Disney Vacation with us will receive a free Disney Visa Gift Card to help them with their spending money.

Let us know today how we can help you plan your vacation. Ask your questions here!

You do not have to have Main Street Travel book your vacation in order to post in this website but it will save you money if you do!

**Please keep in mind that this community is provided as a service by the Main Street Travel Company. Where we welcome other Disney Travel Agents to participate and give advice. Please do not advertise your agency here. This is not the place.