MissKitty_79 (misskitty_79) wrote in disneytravel,

a question about internet access...

I'm still sorta vaguely planning (since our trip won't be until September of '09), but was wondering:

Do the resort rooms come equipped with wifi & if so, is it free (& if not, how insanely overpriced is it)?
I'm sure that we'll both be wanting to bring our laptops, so...

Thanks in advance!
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Nope, no free Wi-Fi. I believe it is $10 a day. But it worked great.
Yeah. It was 10/day. There should be an Ethernet cable in your room when you arrive. (We did not have ours, so I used teh one in bantiarna's room, but called the front desk so we did not get charged for walking off with it!)

In actuality, I only used about 2 days worth of internet service. If you being the Laptop, you can at least download your pics to it (if you remember the cable.. I did not.. LOL!), and use your word processing software to make notes on what you really want to remember for a journal entry, scrapbooking or what have you.
When my family was at the Swan last christmas they wanted to charge us $30/day, but it was free in the lobby.


September 8 2008, 21:10:19 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  September 8 2008, 21:10:56 UTC

Yeah, I've read something about the Deluxe resorts charging more (which is absolutely ridiculous)...

Free in the lobby you say? I'm assuming you mean there was an unsecured wifi network floating about in the lobby, or was this actually a service offered by the resort? Or, perhaps, a desktop computer in the lobby, available for general use?
there was free wi-fi in the lobby provided by the hotel. I found out about it at the swan after 2 hours of trying to hook up to the $30 internet for a day to check my exam grades. It didn't work ($30 a day nonworking internet, wtf?) and the tech only after 2 hours of trying to make it work told me about the free internet in the lobby. I've since found that most hotels have free lobby access. Some tell you about it, others try to keep it a secret so you have to pay.

note to self: try lobby out before bothering with sorting out paying for it.

Thanks bunches for the "insider info"! :)