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Regarding the new Dining Options

I am just curious as to what you all's thoughts on the New Dining Options are.

Quick Service - You get 2 Counter Service and 2 snacks per person per night plus the Refillable resort Mug.

Deluxe Dining - You get 3 meals per person per night (your choice of quick or table), 2 snacks and the refillable mug.

The Wine and Dine - Available on all packages except the Quick Service. You get one bottle of wine per night available at select restaurants.

Also, I left this off of yesterday's post. Beginning in 2009 The Caribbean Beach Resort will debut 384 rooms in the Trinidad South Village that have been refurbished to a Pirate theme. These special rooms feature two double beds, along with highly themed furniture, buccaneer accessories, and swashbuckling décor from stem to stern. These rooms will be available by request. So when making your reservations, be sure to ask for them!
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